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Meet the Team


Chris Kelley, Pat Kelley,  Lory Kelley,  Brit Olson

Leadership Team

Kelley Home Services is a family owned and operated full service construction company serving Gig Harbor and the surrounding communities since 2000.

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About the Owner

In the mid 1990’s, I was working as a repair contractor for a property management company that never wanted to take the time to fix things properly. This bothered me, because home is someplace special and the work done on it should reflect that. 

And so Kelley Home Services was born from the values of honor and integrity that I learned from my parents. Since then, we have built a solid team of talented and ethical craftsmen that prove old-fashioned values can provide a solid business foundation.


What started as a one-man repair service has grown into a small company where my wife Lory, our son Chris, and a talented group of employees and subcontractors provide a full range of residential housing services. 

KHS has been serving Gig Harbor and the surrounding communities since 2000. Our crew averages over 15 years of trade experience. During that time we have developed consistent, high-quality and professional associations that allow us to provide a consistent high quality end product with excellent customer satisfaction. We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. We have not had a liability claim or any other claim or complaint filed against our company – ever. We believe this is a credit to a customer-service oriented attitude to address any concerns when they arise, and to act with integrity. We are proud of our crew, our product, and our history.

In summary, we believe in a simple philosophy that forms every aspect of our business: Honor God through how we treat every customer. Act with integrity. Build it to last. Never forget each project touches someone's family.

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Owner and Founder


Pat Kelley

Remodels and Renovation

Chris Kelley

Custom Homes, Outdoor Living, Construction

I’ve worked with my family at KHS since I could swing a hammer, grew up in the picturesque town of Gig Harbor and now reside on Fox Island. Having been experienced in custom home building from a young age, watching and learning from my dad, my passion for helping families envision exceptional living spaces runs deep.


With a tight connection to the local community and a profound understanding of the unique charm of the Puget Sound area, I hope to bring a personal touch to every project. I love working with families to help bring their vision to life.


As we prepare to open our new headquarters for custom homes and interior design, I’m excited to continue our lifelong commitment to building dream homes that harmonize with the stunning surroundings of Gig Harbor and Fox Island.


Lory Kelley


When I was 16, with my first paycheck from my first real paying job, I purchased a drill. This drill was the beginning of my own tool set. I have always loved hardware stores and the smell of wood. I would imagine all that could be created. Years later, when I met and married Pat, he began creating homes and doing renovations with my drill. When Kelley Home Services began, my drill was used and retired from all the work we had put into using it. 

My first drill reminds me of why I love being a part of the building and creating that Kelley Home Services does. Like Pat using the drill, I love being a part of the creation in any way I can. I also enjoy going on visits with our project managers to document discussions and assist in the ordering of materials. My favorite part is hearing what our customers are hoping for and then seeing this vision come true.

Now, I primarily oversee the office, making sure all the paperwork flows smoothly so the folks in the field can continue creating beautiful homes that function well for our customers. I am always waiting for an opportunity to pick up supplies and visit the job sites. 


Brit Olson


During my childhood, I remember being so proud of the work my father, a commercial electrician, did in Reno, Nevada.  He took pride in his workmanship, and his reputation was sterling.  I built on those same qualities in my own handyman business: following through on commitments, delivering what was promised, integrity and pride of ownership. 


Having had the honor of subcontracting with Pat, I seized the opportunity to be a part of a family business whose values matched my own.  I feel the same pride of ownership in the work we do at KHS, ensuring that customers feel valued and respected and providing the absolute best of our craft – in every aspect of our business.


Pat Kelley, Lory Kelley, Chris Kelley




Branch Manager



Assistant Branch Manager


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