Kelley Robson – Gig Harbor, WA

In mid-November 2017 a very large old tree (approximately 80' high) cracked and immediately landed on my Rosedale home and garage during a high-wind storm.  The impact was substantial -- slicing the front section of my garage completely off it's foundation.  In addition, a downstairs’ bedroom roof was punctured, the framing fractured and the foundation seriously compromised.

I contacted Kelley Home Services (KHS)/Gig Harbor to bid on the project.  I had heard about Kelley through other clients, real estate agents and members of the community that were very pleased with the contractor's work. Within a week's time KHS was on board and within six weeks my home and garage were complete.  The workers were professional, respectful, clean and prompt in response to my urgent need during this very cold, wet and windy season.  KHS prioritized this project and worked hard and faithfully to assure that my home was secured and managed by a quality-focused crew of professionals.  One of the most impressive facts about this experience was the remarkable effort KHS made to work with my insurance company.  They knew the rules and regs and worked hand in hand with my insurer to make that part of the activity seamless for me.  Communication by the site manager was excellent – I knew what the schedule was for the next day’s work, which gave me time to alert my neighbors and to prepare myself for what was to come. 

This was a scary and unfortunate situation with a happy outcome and I’m very grateful for KHS’ dedication and commitment to superior quality and timeliness.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Robinson/Gig Harbor